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Frequently asked questions!

1How does it work?
Your business domain name can be bought by anyone, anytime. And it's gone forever. What we do for you is to help you secure your business domain name, so no one else can use it, except you.
2What do I get?
1. You get your business domain name secured -
2. Redirection to your Instagram or Facebook or WhatsApp Chat Link.
3. Professional Webmails -
4.30% Discount off a Business & Ecommerce Website. Normally, it starts from ₦70,000, But after you've paid ₦9,900 and secured your domain, you will be able to pay just ₦49,000 for a full website. The entire process will be completed in 3 - 5 Working days.
3After I pay, what next?
After your payment is successful, you will be redirected to a page, where you will fill your domain name (, and input the emails you want:

If you're aren't 100% sure of the domain name to go with, that's fine. The page you will be redirected to after payment, also contains a link to our private WhatsApp Chat, where you can directly chat with us.
4What's the website deal all about and how do I get it?
The website deal gives you a Business or E-commerce website for just ₦49,000.
Every business that secures its domain name with us gets the website deal. After successful payment of the ₦9,900, you will be redirected to a page that contains our WhatsApp chat link, where we can discuss the kind of website you want, and we can start development.
5Why is this important to my business?
Eventually, every business will need a website. It may be a month from now, even a year or 2 years or 10. But, when your business is finally ready to get a website, your domain name might have been taken and you have to change your business name or pay thousands of dollars to get the domain back. All these can be avoided with just ₦9,900 today. Plus you also get a 30% discount off the website cost, whichever year you're ready for a website.
6Why are we offering this deal?
Doncept is a Web Design Agency. We help businesses develop and launch their websites, e-commerce and corporate alike. Over our 5 years in businesses, we noticed, whenever a new client needs a website, we spend an unusually long time picking domain names. Many times, we even have to change the business name and few times, we've had to pay close to $3500 dollars to get their preferred domain name back.
So, we created this deal to help businesses that don't need or can't afford a website now, to at least secure their business domain names.
7I don't need or can afford a website now, should I still get this?
The main point of this deal is to safeguard your business domain name forever. You get other perks like 3 professional webmails. And your 30% off Website cost is always here for you, whenever you're ready. So YES, go ahead and take this offer now.
8Why should I take this offer now?
This offer expires Wednesday, 23th of December, 2020. You should seize this offer now. Pay now!
9How do I pay?
Fill the form above with your personal & business details. You can pay with Verve, MasterCard, VISA Card, USSD and Bank Transfer. Your payment is secured by Paystack.
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