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Prudential Styling
April 15, 2019

AnonG Resources

Web Development ◆ UI & UX Design ◆ CMS Development ◆ Responsive Design ◆ Website Speed Optimization

About Anon - G Resources

We are your one-stop import-export solution provider with vast experience in international trade and global exposure in diverse areas of operation. Competitive sourcing, shipping-logistics proficiency, a capability to handle large volumes and hassle-free clearances lead import-export into a smooth progression. Based in Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria

Identifying the homepage worthy content

Building websites for businesses like Anon Global Resources with tons of services and bio can be daunting, but with our knowledge of content strategy, we were able to identify what texts must be on the homepage, what texts can be represented by icons and what services really needed to be on the homepage.
We made use of colorful icons to depict the main features of our clients import - export solution, we made us of solid color icons to visually describe the core services of the business.

What welcomes the user

We wanted the website user to immediately understand the point of the website, so we decided to make use of full size products sliders and little texts attached to it, that identifies what the individual image does.

The font color and family

We chose Poppins to reflect the agile nature of our client. The colors we used has significance to brand's headquarters in Lagos.

Responsive Design

All website we develop are built on the mobile first plattform, which is why all our website looks great irrespective of screen size.

The End Result

Our client was really satisfied with the web application we developed. They particularly loved the blog, products and the website instantaneous loading.
Since the website launch, we have received positive feedback from the clients and staffs alike, they loved the ease of updating the website, big thanks to our robust Content Management System (CMS) .