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May 15, 2019
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May 15, 2019

Demi Stories

Web Development ◆ Rich Editing Tools ◆ CMS Development ◆ Responsive Design

Research driven design

What features should be on a story website? Our research tells us a great story website should load lightning fast, should have a very legible font, should have rich editing tools for the writer and readers should be able to share posts easily to Facebook, Twitter and the likes.
So, we did just that! Everything from the font colors to the font family drew attention to the stories. We aim to make it as simplistic as possible to avoid distraction from the stories, and judging from our client feedback, i believed we delivered.

The time predictor algorithm

The reason for the website was to update short stories. We wanted to give readers the chance to know how much time the short story will take them on an average, and this was highly appreciated by our client's readers.

Responsive Design

All website we develop are built on the mobile first plattform, which is why all our website looks great irrespective of the screen size.

The user experience

Our client was really satisfied with the powerful editing tools, they had in their possession, which allowed them to published highly styled stories with Quotes, Italics and the likes.