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May 15, 2019
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May 13, 2019

Mr. Bolicious and Grill

Website Speed Optimization

About Mr. Bolicious

Mr.Bolicious and Grills was founded in 2012, it came to the industry with something creative and quite unusual. Serving Roasted Plantains, Grilled Fishes, Asun, Suya, BBQ and Chops at Events, Parties, and Takeaway points as well as Home and Office Delivery at designated hours.

The business got it's website to allow customers place orders for their products and also allows business contact them for events.

They needed thier website to load fast and at the same time not consume all their customer's data.
Before optimization: The website took 7.9 seconds to be fully loaded and cost the customer 3.18 MB to display.

After optimization: The website now takes 2.0 seonds to be fully loaded and costs the customer just 1.12 MB to display.
The website looks and perform exactly the same.