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May 15, 2019
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Nutrit Foods

Web Development ◆ UI & UX Design ◆ eCommerce ◆ CMS Development ◆ Responsive Design

About Nutrit Foods

Nutrit was born out of preference for yummy homemade meals for our founding ambassador over our regular paps and some store bought cereals some years back . Since then, It has grown to be a baby and toddler and family food solution company with special varieties of yummy, nutritious, well tolerated and economical baby and family food .

Our job was straightforward

Working with clients that knows exactly what they want can be very satisfactory. This was exactly the case with Nutrit Foods, she wanted a website with a blog, an online shop, an email marketing application, a live chat widget and we delievered.

Our approach

Our client wanted to emphasize the blog and at the same time, wanted seeing and buying the products it sells super easy.
Our Solution:
We introduced a slider that shows some of the products that she offers in a visual - appealing manner with link to the product page.

The font color and family
The Extra Features

Our client wanted an email marketing platform, we recommended MailChimp, it was rejected because of the complexity of composing emails, so we had to develop an application simpler than that and Yes! we did.

They also a live chat widget which allows them directly chat users of the website, We did!

Responsive Design

All website we develop are built on the mobile first plattform, which is why all our website looks great irrespective of the screen size

The finished product

Our client was really satisfied with the ease of operation of the website. The email marketing application we developed was very loved and the feedback was awesome.