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Frequently asked questions.

1Who needs a mini website?
  • Businesses that run Facebook Ads and needs to verify their Account.
  • Businesses that needs business email address like this -
  • Businesses that wants to secure their business domain name.
  • SMEs that can't afford or needs a full-blown website but needs a website link for business purposes
2How does it work?
  1. You choose your domain name
  2. You input your details and make payment
  3. Immediately we start work on your mini-website and in 5-7 working days, it will be ready.
3How soon will it be ready?
5 - 7 working days.
4What do I get?
  • Your business domain name secured forever
  • Your mini-website with details about your business, social media and contact information
  • 3 Business emails
  • Access to backend for Facebook Verification
5Choosing your domain name?
  • If your business name is Lota Skincare - your business domain name should be
  • If that has already been taken, you can add suffix like "shop" or "store" to your business name.
    Business Name: Divine Luxe - Domain name:
Note: You can contact us on WhatsApp or via Email to change it after 24 hours of payment.
6Will I have access to a backend for Facebook verification?
Yes, you will
7Can I see a sample of a mini website?
8How much does it cost?
This service costs ₦17,000.